On Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Optimization for Coded APSK


The symmetric information rate is used to define the relationship between the APSK constellation parameters, the code rate, and the average and peak Eb/N0 . Minimizing the average Eb/N0 reproduces the DVB-S2 constellation parameters for 16- and 32-APSK. Minimizing the peak Eb/N0 produces DVB-S2 constellation parameters for 16- and 32-APSK that minimize the peak-to-average power ratio. The peak-to-average power ratio gains are less than 1 dB, but when used on coded systems with very steep decoded bit error probability vs. Eb/N0 curves, the gains can be significant.

International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems(ISWCS)
Farah Arabian
Farah Arabian
Cellular Software Engineer, EE PhD

My research interests include 5G cellular networks, Digital communication theory, and signal processing.