Post-Quantum Cryptography Based on Codes: A Game Changer for Secrecy in Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry


The future development of quantum computing threatens a host of modern cryptographic security efforts, and thus presents a new security threat to wireless communications systems. Encryption algorithms for aeronautical mobile telemetry (AMT) may likewise be vulnerable to quantum attacks based on Grover and Simons’ algorithms. Post-quantum cryptography focuses on developing appropriate cryptographic algorithms that are impervious to both quantum and classical attacks and can therefore provide data confidentiality in a post-quantum computing world. This paper proposes the application of post-quantum cryptography as a future security solution in AMT systems with a focus on code-based techniques and provides a road map for studying the next generation of cryptosystem in AMT. We further suggest and analyzed (in terms of secrecy) the use of the McEliece cipher as a special case of a code-based post-quantum cryptographic solution for the integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) communications system and show how it may be deployed.

International Telemetry Conference (ITC)
Farah Arabian
Farah Arabian
Cellular Interoperability Engineer, EE PhD

My research interests include 5G cellular networks, Digital communication theory, and signal processing.